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Dr. Dipak Gayen

Assistant Professor

M.Sc. (Biochemistry; Calcutta University), Ph.D. (Biochemistry; Calcutta University), Postdoctoral Training (NIPGR, New Delhi; Cornell University, Ithaca, USA), INSA-Young Scientist, NASI-Young Scientist, Fulbright Fellow.


Genomics, proteomics, molecular biology and genetic engineering of plant





  • Assistant Professor (Jul 2019 – till present)- Department of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences, Central University of Rajasthan, Kishangarh, Ajmer, India.
  • Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow -Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
  • National Postdoctoral Fellow -National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi
  • DBT-Research Associate - National Institute of Plant Genome Research, New Delhi
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Biochemistry- University of Calcutta, India
  • M.Sc. in Biochemistry, University of Calcutta, India
  • B.Sc. (Hons.) in Chemistry, University of Calcutta, India



Dr. Gayen has expertise in the field of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, miRNA and genetic engineering. In his work, he has gainfully combined his expertise in the area of plant molecular biology, particularly nutritional genomics with the techniques of cell biology. Dr. Gayen has also made significant progress in comprehensive analysis and characterization of the mitochondrial and chloroplast proteome for dissecting the molecular stress adaptation mechanism under dehydration in crop plants.

Dr. Gayen is presently involved in (i) protein homeostasis of chloroplast and mitochondria through protease system (ii) functional characterization novel stress responsive candidate genes of chloroplast and mitochondria and (iii) post-translational modification (phosphoproteomics) in response to stress (iv) CRISPR-Cas mediated genome editing. The major target is to identify the regulatory pathways which would provide direction for designing improved crops for sustainable agriculture.

Research award:

  1. INSA Medal for Young Scientist Award (2017)
  2. NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award (2018)
  3. Fulbright Fellow (2018)




S. No. Authors Title of Article Journal/Conference Details Journal/Conference Publication Year


1. UGC Start UP- 10 lakh " Identification and functional characterization of chloroplast Clp protease from chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) in response to heat stress ."

2. SERB Start UP-30 lakh "Identification and functional characterization of novel protease for development of dehydration tolerance in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)."




1. Frontiers in Modern biology 2012 (FIMB-2012) organised by IISER-kolkata on 4-5th Feb, 2012

2. 100th Science congress organised by Science congress association on 3-7 Jan, 2013.

3. Plant Diversity and Resources: Evaluation, Analysis, Stress and challenges and Paleophytodiversity: its Aspects and prospect organised by Botanical Society of Bengal on 20-22nd December, 2011.

4. International Plant Nutrition Colloquium held on 19-22 August, 2013, Istanbul/ Turkey.

5. International conference on functional and interaction proteomics: Application in Food & Health, New Delhi, December 14-17, 2016.

6. International Conference on Proteomics in Health and Disease, ILS, Bhubaneswar, Nov 30th-Dec 2nd, 2017.

7. Plant Biotechnology and its relevance to food security organized by Calcutta University on 23rd August 2008 supported by DBT, Govt. of India.

8. 7Th pacific rim conference on Biotechnology of Bacillus thuringiensis and its environmental impact held at National Agricultural Science Centre, DPS Marg, New Delhi on 25-28 November, 2009.

9. Genomics Research and Impact in Plant System organised by Centre of Advanced Study, Botany, Calcutta University on 21st March, 2011.

10. Silver Jubilee Celebration of the Plant Physiology Forum organised by Plant Physiology Forum in association with Visva Bharati University and AICBA on 10th April, 2009.




Biotechnology for Crop Resilience & Sustainability in Post COVID-19 Era, 5th August 2020 at Dept of Biochemistry, CURAJ

Advances on Genomics Research of Crop, 16th Oct 2019, at Dept of Biochemistry, CURAJ



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