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Notification - Academic Council Dated 07/11/2016 Download (1.65 MB) pdf
Notification 3233 Revised Constitution of the Academic Council 20.10.2015 Download (1.21 MB) pdf
Notification 2717 Constitutin of Academic Council- Revised 07.11.2016 Download (1.65 MB) pdf
Notification - 2203 Constitution of Academic Council 25.08.2017 Download (2.22 MB) pdf
Notification 3045 Constitution of Academic Council 31.10.2018 Download (2.67 MB) pdf
Notification 548 Nomination - Academic Council 09.05.2019 Download (2.98 MB) pdf
13th AC Academic Council Download (12.95 MB) pdf, Download (214.18 KB) pdf
14th AC Minutes_30.09.2016 Download (468.45 KB) pdf
15th AC Minutes_23.02.2017 Download (311.58 KB) pdf
16th AC Minutes_12.11.2017 Download (293.53 KB) pdf
17th AC Minutes_11.05.2018 Download (2.76 MB) pdf
18th AC Minutes_01.11.2018 Download (8.82 MB) pdf
19th AC Minutes_22.02.2019 Download (1.09 MB) pdf
20th AC Minutes_02.12.2019 Download (299.88 KB) pdf
21st AC Minutes_07.07.2020 Download (778.31 KB) pdf
22nd AC Minutes_09.12.2020 Download (754.41 KB) pdf
23rd AC Minutes_15.06.2021 Download (762.4 KB) pdf
24th Academic Council Download (530.39 KB) pdf
25th Academic Council Mintus Download (281.36 KB) pdf
Agenda (Part-II) for 25th Meeting of the Academic Council of Central University of Rajasthan - 05.01.2023 Download (916.56 KB) pdf