Vice Chancellor's Desk
A University exists for the twin purposes of generation and transmission of knowledge. While generating knowledge is essential for finding newer solutions to ever-changing problems, transmission of knowledge makes it of benefit to the society at large. So, our main aim at the University is to evolve into a solution-provider and knowledge-spreading center of higher education in the heartland of Rajasthan, and thereby achieve a deep and meaningful community embedment and a productive engagement with all stake-holders.
      The Central University of Rajasthan has, of course, since its inception taken progressive strides towards the avowed goals of academic excellence as well as sustainable development; as Vice Chancellor, I now envision a roadmap of further growth in the light of some specific parameters as our guiding principles: meaningful and finely-calibrated research collaboration with other centres of research in the country as well as abroad, promotion of solution-oriented research, knowledge creation for society’s needs, educating the youth for self-reliance and employability, creation of synergy with not only the industry but also the community at the local grass-root level for equitable development and our collective well-being in the long run.
         On a note of exhortation, I reiterate our commitment towards building our nation value-rich, knowledge-rich, and technology-rich while also preserving our cultural-ecological heritage. And with this resolve, we wish to work together for a more equitable, sustainable and a peacefully flourishing world order.
                                                           Jai Hind!!!

Prof. Anand Bhalerao 
Vice Chancellor