About TLC

Teaching Learning Centre (TLC@CURaj) at Central University of Rajasthan was established in the year 2017-18 with a vision to support evidence-based teaching and provides diverse opportunities for teachers. It is funded by MHRD, Govt. of India under the Scheme of Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT). It is envisaged to help teachers to modernize their teaching style and inculcating, innovative and effective pedagogical practices, so that they can impart concepts and information in a meaningful and interesting way among the learners to help them to learn more deeply and effectively. TLC promotes on a continuous basis, discipline-specific curricula, pedagogy, learning materials (including e-content) for the teachers. TLC@CURaj completed 3 years and organized successfully 19 programs (workshops/induction programs/refresher courses) in multiple disciplines (Education, Statistics, Science, Computer Science and Management etc.). A total number of 1070 teachers successfully participated in these workshops and other programs from the different parts of India organized by TLC@CURaj.

Advisory Committee

  • Hon'ble Vice Chancellor
  • Prof. Manish Dev Shrimali
  • Prof. Dinesh Chandra Sharma
  • Prof. M.R.P. Singh
  • Ms. Ritu B. Rai
  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Patra
  • Dr. Anjali Sharma
  • Dr. Janmejay Pandey
  • Dr. Umesh Gupta
  • Dr. Gobind Singh
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar Mohbey
  • Dr. Anoop Kumar

Coordination Committee

  • Dr. Ajit Kumar Patra (Director)  
  • Dr. Umesh Gupta(Deputy Director) 
  • Mrs. Ritu B. Rai
  • Dr. Anjali Sharma
  • Mr. Vivekanand Tiwari
  • Dr. Krishna Kumar Mohbey


Activity Calendar


1st April 2020 – 31st March, 2021




July 2020

1. Five Days Workshop on Effective Teaching in Computer Science (13th – 17th July, 2020)

November 2020

  1. One Week Online Faculty Development Program on Implementation of New Education Policy 2020 : Role of Faculty Members of HEIs (4th – 8th Nov, 2020)
  2. Ten Days Online Faculty Development Program on Teaching Learning and Assessment from (23rd Nov - 3rd Dec, 2020)

December 2020

  1. One Week Online Faculty Development Program on Implementation of New Education Policy 2020: Vocational Education and Skill Development (14th - 18th Dec, 2020)
  2. One Week Online Faculty Development Program on “Traditional Indian Wisdom on Teaching and Learning” (21st – 26th Dec, 2020)

January 2021

  1. Ten Days Online Faculty Development Program on “Indian Ethos in Management” (4th – 14th Jan 2021)
  2. Four weeks Induction Training program for Faculty members of HEIs

(20th January - 16th February 2021)

February 2021

8. One week online Faculty Development Program "NEP 2020: Inculcating Research Culture in Teaching and Learning Process" (22nd – 26th Feb, 2021)

March 2021

  1. One week online Faculty Development Program on "NEP 2020: Impetus for Life Skills and Holistic Development (1st – 5th March, 2021)
  2. Ten days online Faculty Development Program on "Teaching Learning & Assessment" (15th – 25th March, 2021)


Content Clearing House

Teaching materials are abundantly available online and the learner is not sure of the exact and correct source of information that is required to be accessed which can supplement his/ her classroom learning.

To overcome the issues felt by the learner a pilot study was taken to develop simple user-friendly software for content clearing and content delivery .

 Website:  www.nextgenmooc.com

 How to use 

Contact Details

Teaching Learning Centre (TLC@CURaj)

Central University of Rajasthan

Bandarsindri, Ajmer 305817 (Rajasthan)

Website: http://www.curaj.ac.in

Email: tlcprogram@curaj.ac.in


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Induction/orientation Training Programs