Bank, ATM and Post Office

Within the campus, there is in a branch of BOI (Bank of India) with ATM facility. The bank provides all regular banking service and facilities to the CURaj community, including the villagers of the surrounding villages. University also uses service of ICICI Bank and State Bank of India for various purposes. A post office is also located within the campus for handing various postal requirements. These services are a crucial component in the campus life of CURaj.

CURaj believes that vibrant campus life helps students in coming out of their shell. In this regard, University has a Shopping Complex which apart from providing many facilities to students, also stands as an important venue of many cultural and awareness-related programs and events. The University Shopping Complex includes a restaurant, tea stall, photocopy shop, dairy shop, laundry facility, and a co-operative store.    

img University Guest House is a well-designed spacious 3-storeyed magnificent structure with a capacity 0f 70 guest rooms. Accommodation in the University Guest House is of different types- rooms are well-furnished with air-conditioning, Television set, refrigerator, geyser, and other basic amenities. In coming years, University is planning to furnish all rooms. In order to maintain the occupancy rate, a part of the Guest House accommodates teaching faculty and officers.  These teachers volunteer to help in the management of the guesthouse as well as running a cooperative boarding facility. The Cooperative Mess caters to the boarding needs of the University community in general. University has a robust policy for the guesthouse and experts, examiner, visitors, and parents are accommodated in the guesthouse with different level of priorities.  Thus, the University Guest House has become an essential part of University life. The University guest house has an executive dining hall in addition to the regular mess for VIP guests of the University. The guest house also has an activity room with a table tennis placed in it.