About Us

The cultural committee of Central University of Rajasthan is to promote a harmonious atmosphere in the campus by engaging the students who comes from different and diverse cultural background of Indian states and from foreign nations too. The campus of CURaj is truly a replica of India with students, staffs and teachers representing more than 27 states of India. It is not the physical boundary, rather the extension of cultural horizon create a sense of being together and bonding for achieving an excellency at personal front and as an institution as a whole.

The cultural committee organizes various events throughout the years to harness the creative expressive minds and skills of the students. More the students are able to join in the creative expressions the sense of accomplishment inculcates values for nurturing, caring for others and for nature. The tune of music, the colours of painting, the expressions of drama, the lines of poetry and the mystical steps of dance all together is the rainbow of cultural committee with five clubs within it.

  • Abhinaya - Drama Club
  • Sargam -Music Club
  • Nrityada- Dance Club
  • Abhivyakti- Literary Club
  • Kala-Kriti - Fine Arts Club

The Central University of Rajasthan is continuously engaged in promotion of cultural activities among the students, hence the various cultural performances by Society for Promotion of Indian Classical Music and Culture among Youths (SPIC MACAY) are organised in the university auditorium regularly. Further the Cultural Committee organizes various cultural evening and dedicated programme to celebrate “Matri Bhasha Diwash”, Independence Day, Republic Day, Foundation Day of the University, and in various other occasions.

HOD, Culture Media & Studies

Chairperson, Cultural Committee

Abhinaya - Drama Club

Theatre has always been an integral part of society as it helps in creating a dialogue across spectrums. Theatre as an art form not only entertains but it also helps in communicating the issues of relevance. The Drama Club ‘Abhinaya’ has been a crucial component of student life at the Central University of Rajasthan. The club encourages students to come forward and participate in a number of events. The club organizes a university level theatre competition every year that allows students to compete in various categories such as Stage Play, Street Play, Skit, Mime, Mono Act, etc. The Club remains active all throughout the academic calendar by organizing a number of performances.

Abhinaya has been participating in the National level Inter-University Youth Festival. Participation of such a stature allows students to learn nuances of acting while competing with some of the finest Drama teams from across India. Abhinaya makes sure that anyone who is interested in acting must get a chance to show his/her talent. Therefore, every year University level audition is conducted to form a team that can represent the club as well as the University. In January 2020, the club had organized a drama competition which was very well received by the entire fraternity of Central University of Rajasthan.

Faculty Coordinator:

Dr. Ved Prakash, Assistant Professor, Department of English

E-Mail:  vedprakash@curaj.ac.in

Sargam -Music Club

Music is the tune of heart and nature putting together a melody that spellbound the audience. The club is a platform for the student to nurture their musical talents and learn from each other under mentorship of the club coordinator. The club organizes various events, competition and also perform in institutional programme and celebration.


Nrityada- Dance Club

Dance is an important form of performing art that connects our body and mind in tune with music and rhythms. Dance is one of the important forms of expression of joy, happiness that is deep rooted in human culture and civilization. There are different kinds of performances like theatrical, group, or solo, but each form has its own beauty, uniqueness and requirements. The dance club enthusiastically promotes the performances by the students and organizes various stage performance, completion and peer learning opportunities.

Abhivyakti- Literary Club

Literary expressions have no boundary. With the formation of language the literary expressions become part of human civilization and human existence.  The literary club in CURaj encourages students to read and write out of their heart and put their expressions, feelings, ideas on paper or on the stage, as recitation of poem, debate, or storytelling. Through various peer-learning, Kavi-sammelan, open mike, literary evening the club continuously encourages the students to bring their opinion and feelings.

Kala-Kriti - Fine Arts Club

Art and creative expressions are an essential part of our soul that gives us energy, happiness and ability to think on canvas. The canvas is wide enough, a wall while it is graffiti, or a hand while putting mahendi, a paper for a poster, or floor for Rangoli. Every culture has its unique form of painting, drawing and expression with lines and colours. The Art club organizes various events to encourage different forms of art like, doodling, sketching, poster making, installation, flower arrangements, etc. throughout the year in various occasions that cultivates the artistic minds and creations.





Cultural activities such as local festival celebrations, painting competitions, photography competitions, exhibitions and workshops, debates and speeches, etc., are organized at the school level and at the University level in auditorium, seminar halls, circular halls in academic buildings, and other dedicated places such as courtyard in hostels, etc. The auditorium building is used for cultural events such as drama, music, youth parliament activities, dance competitions, etc. The University has dedicated space near administrative and academic buildings for Republic day and Independence day Celebration including a parade activity zone.


The Cultural Committee 

Chairperson Dr. Hemlata Manqalani


Dr. Bhavna Saini
Dr. T Sangeetha
Dr. Dhanapati Shougrakpam
Dr. Jaya Kritika Ojha
Dr. Ramulu Bhukya
Dr. Neerai Medharthi

Member Secretary

Dr. Mahendra Saha