As per the guidelines of UGC and the Supreme Court an Anti Sexual Harassment Cell has been established by the Central University of Rajasthan to provide a healthy and congenial atmosphere to the staff and students of the University. The cell was constituted to meet the four basic objectives:

a) To develop the guidelines and norms for a policy against sexual harassment.

b) To develop principles and procedures for combating sexual harassment.

c) To work out details for the implementation of the policy.

d) To prepare a detailed plan of action, both short and long term.


(A) Apex Body of SPARSH (ABS):


(B) University Complaints Committee (UCC):

The Chairperson, a women nominated by the Vice-Chancellor, CURAJ from amongst the faculty members.

Dr. Anjali Sharma

Five (at least three women) teacher representatives.

Prof. Supriya Agarwal – Chairperson Prof. S. N. Ambedkar

Dr. Subhasish Bhadra Dr. Anjali Sharma

Dr. Dhanapati Shougrakpam

Five members representing various Schools/ Departments/Centers of the University of which at least three shall be women.

Dr. Mamta Rani

Dr. Subhasis Bhadara Dr. Neha Seth

Dr. Dhanapati Shougrakpam Dr. Bhawana Bissa

One             non-teaching    staff representative of the University.

Mr. Manoj Kumar Indoria – Member Secretary

Two student's representatives of which at least one be girl student (names to be proposed by Dean, Student Welfare for Vice- Chancellor’s approval).

To be nominated

One person, with known contribution to women’s issues, to be co-opted from outside the University, who could be an NGO representative.

Ms. Kshama R. Kaushik Chief Functionary and

Secretary, Rajasthan Mahila Kalyan Mandal,


Two members from the non- teaching staff, of which at least one should be women.

Mrs. Sobhagyawati Gupta Mr. Manoj Kumar Indoria

One woman NGO representative

Ms. Kshama R. Kaushik

One Woman Counsellor

To be decided by the Chairperson in consultation with the members

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Dr. Ritu B Rai

Chairperson Anti Sexual Harassment Cell


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