NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SICKLE CELL DISEASE (SCD)

                                                                                                                                        On The theme

                                                                                  “Sickle Cell Disease and Rare Genetic Disorders:Achieving Mission SCD Elimination-2047”

                                                                                                                                                                                  ORGANIZED BY

                                                                                                                                                                    CENTRAL UNIVERSITY of RAJASTHAN

                                                                                                                                                                 Bandarsindri NH-8, Kishangarh, Dist. Ajmer

                                                                                                                                                                                       in collaboration with

                                                                                                                                                                    ADEETECHGENE BIOTECH PVT LTD, Pune

                                                                                                                                                                             Dates: August 21 to 23, 2023

Venue: Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer

Scope of the program

In India, around 35 crore population is at the risk of inherited genetic disorder and sickle cell disease (SCD) is one of rare genetic disorder which is minimal research attention over the decades. Particularly, in Rajasthan many tribal belongs to SC and ST communities, and the effects of the SCD are felt more strongly in these tribes. Indian population is more than 150 billion and still genetic rare diseases, and our understanding of how to diagnose them, is limited. To overcome these issues a well define long term multidimensional research and program needs to be planned.

The risk factor and awareness about the SCD is very limited and keeping these facts on the top, Govt. of India has launched a mission to eliminate SCD by 2047. However, execution of this mission needs well trained, and define dedicated human resource (scientific, technical), infrastructure and most importantly cost-effective diagnostics and therapeutic options. In addition, a public and scientific awareness programs should be channelized at the grass root level.

This motivation brought us to organize a three day’s national conference is organized with the vision of decentralization in this area i.e., grass root level community participation for screening to counseling program, including marriage counseling and genetic counseling along with parallel research on SCD therapeutics by academic institutions and private companies. For testing 35 crores population of vulnerable and affected communities (SC, ST and few affected OBCs) over the course of generations required not only ready to do test but it also requires well trained manpower, nationwide, which will leave impact for generations, over the centuries.

Trained Human resource is one of the prerequisites for the nationwide program like Sickle Cell Disease Elimination Mission 2047, that spans almost half a billion population. Without trained human resource both scientific and technical, such programs are difficult, we already have learned the lesson during COVID19 pandemic. However, a well-planned, inclusive strategy involving community engagement and participation will help creating awareness among the target groups will improve the impact and success rate. Scientific and laboratory skills should be pass on to the individual members of community, which is affected by Sickle Cell Disease, preferably science graduate or even 12th pass village level workers. Once educated individuals from the vulnerable and affected communities work under village-based sickle cell control program, will help us decreasing gene frequency and sickle cell prevalence drastically, over the next centuries.

It should include the next generation scientists/budding scientists for the sickle cell control program at community level. This conference will focus on the very forgotten pillar of sickle cell control program and that’s “Decentralization” aspects of community control program. It can be planned strategically for generations to come. Whether its sickle cell screening or monitoring, SCD pathogenesis to treatment and management, Universities can impart skill development at grass-root level. And it is very much required for developing human resource for Sickle Cell and other rare genetic disorders.

At Central University Rajasthan, we envisioned role of science and technology in developing novel diagnostic, therapeutics strategies in addition to training human resource. It will also provide avenues for innovations in the area of healthcare/ biotech sector that could lead and boost to startup ecosystem on campus.


  • Understanding current status of rare genetic disorders in India with special reference to SCD.
  • Discussion on the clinical aspects of the diagnosis, therapeutics of SCD as well as its implementation.
  • The construction of long-term plans for both awareness, prevention strategy for the SCD.
  • Research and development for new tool and techniques, with the goal of diagnosis and elimination of SCD.

About Organisers

About the University: The Central University of Rajasthan (C. U. Raj.) was established in the year 2009 by an Act of Parliament (Act No. 25 of 2009). It aspires to be one of most dynamic and vibrant universities of the country and has the mission to impart cutting-edge education to the learner communities.  The University is fully funded by the Government of India. It provides quality education to all, especially those coming from humble socio-economic background and seeking quality education. In the short span since its establishment, University has emerged as one of the top academic institutions of the state of Rajasthan and in the country by adopting cutting edge technology to impart knowledge for global outreach.

C. U. Raj. now operates from a fully functional, green, and pollution-free campus which promises to provide an aesthetic and salubrious environment to nurture and optimize academics, research, and holistic development by engaging the students and staff members in various sports and cultural activities that are crucial for maintaining the well-being of the students and nurturing their potentials.

Education and research in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences are two of the primaries focuses of the Central University of Rajasthan, which ranks among the top academic institutions not only in the state of Rajasthan but also across the nation. The Department of Biotechnology is one of the Core Departments at the University, and it is housed in the School of Life Sciences, which is the flagship school of the University. Our faculty's research interests and areas of expertise span the entirety of the field of biotechnology, ranging from the molecular and cellular complexity of development to metabolism, Nanoscience's, protein folding, drug development, and the comprehension of gene evolution using insect models. These topics are covered by our faculty in a variety of different ways. Our integrated and Master of Science program which include Biotechnology Human Biology and Integrative Biology, are examples of how we take a comprehensive approach to education. These programs include Biotechnology Human Biology and Integrative Biology.

 About ADEETECHGENE Biotech Pvt Ltd., Pune is a distinguished educational organization that focuses on providing domain specific services to various institutions in India with innovative conferences and workshops to achieve quality education research in Biotechnology in the areas of Human Genetics specifically Sickle Cell Disease.

Brief Details

Dear Participants,

We are delighted to welcome you to the "“Sickle Cell Disease and Rare Genetic Disorders: Achieving Mission SCD Elimination-2047” conference. This event, jointly organized by Central University Rajasthan, Ajmer, and ADEETECHGENE Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Pune, aims to bring together experts, researchers, and stakeholders to discuss the challenges and solutions for eliminating Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) by the year 2047.

Conference Overview:

The conference will span three days of insightful discussions, knowledge sharing, and hands-on workshops. Our goal is to explore innovative strategies, advancements in testing methodologies, and collaborative approaches to tackle SCD at various levels, from field testing to laboratory diagnostics.


In parallel to the conference sessions, we are offering a hands-on workshop on testing Sickle Cell Anaemia. This workshop will provide participants with practical experience in conducting field-level tests and laboratory diagnostics related to SCD.


Sickle Cell Disease diagnosis camp (Parallel activity). 

•  Conference theme

•   Epidemiology of SCD in India and National SCD Mission: Current Updates

•   SCD Pathogenesis: Global Vs Indian perspective, Molecular and Biochemical basis, SCD and other rare genetic disorders

•   Infectious disease and rare genetic disorder, Selective pressure hypothesis: Lessons from Africa

•   Biomarkers for SCD pathogenesis, Laboratory diagnosis gold standards Vs other tests

•   Special session on Rajasthan SCD control program: Demography and SCD affected areas in the state

•   Clinical Genomics and Genetic Modifiers in SCD and therapeutics beyond Hydroxyurea, The BCL11A and Gene editing strategies

•   SCD: India and the world, Hemolytic crisis, Splenic Sequestration crisis, Transient Aplastic Crisis, Acute Chest syndrome

•   Achieving Sickle Cell Mission: Roads and roadblock and Valedictory function


Chief Patron

Prof. Anand Bhalerao,

Honorable Vice Chancellor, Central University of Rajasthan


Scientific Advisory Committee representing different parts of India

Padmashree Dr. Sudam Kate, Pune   Padmashree Dr. M. G. Deo, Pune

Dr. R. K. Jena,  Orissa  Prof. Pandit Vidyasagar, Pune

Dr. Yazdi Italia, Valsad Dr. Prakash Singh Shekhawat, Jaipur

Dr. Lakhan Poswal, Udaipur Dr. Anuradha Shrikhande, Nagpur

Dr. Prashant Dalvi, Mumbai Dr. Nikhil Mishra, Durg

Dr. Amit Kumar Mandal, Kolkata Dr. Deepa Bhat, Mysore

Dr. Gajanan Zore, Ajmer Dr. Devendra Lingojwar, Pune

Dr. Kiran Kharat, Mizoram Dr. Aditya Nath Jha, Raipur

Local Advisory Committee:

Prof. D. C. Sharma                   Prof. M. D. Shrimali                    Prof. C. C. Mandal               Prof. Pavan Dadheech       

Prof. Pradeep Verma                 Prof. Sanjib Panda                  Prof. Inshad Ali khan


Prof. G. B. Zore             Dr. Devendra Lingojwar     Dr. Jaykant Yadav                 

Organizing Secretaries

Dr. Gajendra Singh

 Dr Khem Raj Meena

                            Dr. Jayendra Nath Shukla                  

 Dr. Janmejay Pande


4.30 to 5.30 

Welcome address: Opening Ceremony

  1. Welcome to Rajasthan and understanding Sickle cell natural history By Host Institution

2. Chief Guest 1: Opening remarks on Sickle cell disease


Keynote address: Epidemiology of Sickle cell disease in India and National Sickle cell Mission: Current updates

6.30 to 7.30

Cultural program

7.30 onwards


Day 2

9.30 to 1.30

Session I: SCD Pathogenesis: Global Vs Indian Perspective,

Molecular and biochemical basis SCD and other rare genetic disorders

9.30 to 10.00

Speaker 1

Malaria and Sickle Cell, the parallel world on natural selection


10.00 - 10.30

Speaker 2

Malaria burden and Sickle cell: how long it will go further with reference to selective pressure hypothesis lessons from Africa


11.00 to 11.20 Tea Break

11.20 to 1.30

Session II: Infectious Disease and Rare Genetic disorders, selective pressure hypothesis: lessons from Africa


Lunch break

Tentative Event Details: Day 2

2.30 to 4:00

Session III : Biomarkers for SCD pathogenesis, Laboratory Diagnostics Gold standard Vs Other Tests

4.00 to 4.30 High Tea

4:30 to 6.30

Session IV:

Special session on Rajasthan Sickle Cell Control Program

Demography of Rajasthan and sickle cell affected areas

3.30 to 4.00


          Tentative Event Details: Day 3

Day 3

9.30 to 11:00

Session V: Clinical Genomics and Genetic Modifiers in Sickle Cell Disease and Therapeutics beyond Hydroxyuriea, the BCL11A and genome editing strategies

11:00 to 11:20

Tea break

11:20 to 1:30

Session: VI: SCD: India and the World: Hemolytic, Splenic Sequestration, Transient aplastic, Acute chest syndrome crisis


1.30 to 2.30

Lunch break

3.30 to 4.00

Session VII. Achieving Sickle Cell Mission 2047: Roads and roadblocks

4.00 to 4.10

Tea break



4:10 to 5:30

Panel Discussion, award distribution and valedictory

Registration info

Registration Page:

The payment should be in the following account of CENTRAL UNIVERSITY OF RAJASTHAN, NH-8, Bandar Sindri, Dist-Ajmer-305817, Rajasthan [INDIA]

•      Bank Name:                    Bank of India

•      Branch:                            Central University of Rajasthan

•      Bank Account Name:      Central University of Rajasthan Merit Scholarship

•      Bank Account No.:          666710210000001

•      IFSC Code:                      BKID0006667

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