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Globalization and liberalization of Indian economy along with integration of world markets have opened up horizons of prosperity and growth for business. The fast pace of changes has brought out the need to innovate newer ways of establishing and managing business. To address these needs, Central University of Rajasthan offers a full time MBA program.



The primary objective of MBA programme is to provide quality education in management field as per international standards through inculcation of creative thinking, innovative practices and kaleidoscopic approach of teaching. Focus will be on industry institution linkages. The value of any MBA programme lies in the comparisons and contrasts it makes of the admission policies, approaches and future plans of the institution and its bearing on the usefulness of all that an MBA degree stands for to corporate.

We need management education because we need to manage organizations. Future of management programmes is bright until there is existence of corporate organizations. MBA’s have prospects everywhere. They can run their own business if they have entrepreneurial instincts. They can join the corporate world in different functional areas like Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, HR, Supply Chain Management, IT, Service Sector Management, International Business etc. Besides this there are ample opportunities in management of NGO Sector too. MBA’s are well prepared for all walks of corporate life.



  • To empower students as leaders who can create innovative strategies and execute them in the market.
  • To develop skills in successfully initiating, expanding and diversifying a business enterprise in new, up-coming areas.
  • To provide students with the required tools for decision-making and data analysis
  • To improve students' managerial skills through the use of case studies.
  • To teach students the techniques and tools useful for financial analysis and control in today's business climate.
  • To impart students the skills and knowledge required to ethically manage the business.
  • To develop each student's strategic thinking.
  • To develop family business successors as enterprising and knowledgeable owners of the business of their forefathers.


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