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Department of Physics


Prof. Manish Dev Shrimali
Designation: Professor
Qualification: Ph. D. (JNU New Delhi),Post Doctoral Fellow (The Univ of Tokyo)
Research Area of Interest: Physics of Complex Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos 
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Dr. Ajit Kumar Patra
Designation:Associate Professor and Dean - School of Physical Sciences
Qualification:M.Sc (Physics: Solid State Physics, special paper):  Sambalpur University, Orissa
M.Phil:  Sambalpur University, Orissa, M.Tech (Solid State Technology): IIT Khargapur
Ph.D (Physics): IFW Dresden, Germany, Postdoc: University of Konstanz, Germany
Postdoc: National University of Singapore, JRF-NET, GATE
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Dr. Neeraj Panwar
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.Sc. (IIT Roorkee). NET-JRF (CSIR)(among top 20%), GATE
Ph.D.: IIT Delhi in association with NPL New Delhi
Postdoc: University of Peurto Rico, San Juan, USA ;University of Aveiro, Portugal
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Dr. R.K.Verma
Designation:Assistant Professor
Qualification:M.Sc ,NET (CSIR), PhD(IIT Delhi)
Area of Interest: Fibre optic sensors, surface plasmons,plasmonics
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Dr. Sukhmander Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc. (Physics), Jawaharlal Nehru University; Ph.D. (Physics) from IIT Delhi, JRF-NET (CSIR), GATE, JEST.
Area of Interest :Theory and simulation of plasma waves and instabilities in magnetized and dusty plasma, quantum plasma, Inertial confinement fusion plasmas, Direct energy weapons and their countermeasures, Modeling of magnetic field profiles for a Hall Thruster.
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Dr. Brijesh Kumar Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.Sc. ( Physics ) : D.D.U. Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, JRF-NET, GATE, JEST Ph.D. ( Physics ) : Indian Institute of Technology Delhi ( IIT Delhi ) Postdoc Research : Tel Aviv University, Israel
Area of Interest : Optical Phase Singularity, Laser Beam Shaping both in Spatial and Time Domains, Super-Oscillating Beams, Accelerating Beams, High-resolution Optical Trapping, Super-resolution Microscopy,
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Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification : Ph.D. (JNU, New Delhi), CSIR NET-JRF (among top 20%)
Research Experience: Research Associate (UNSW, Sydney), Visiting Scholar (JNU, New Delhi), Research Fellow (NTU, Singapore)
Research Interests: Correlated quantum many-body systems, Topological phases, Triplon mean-field theory, Exact diagonalization, Quantum Monte-Carlo methods
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Dr. Sandeep Kumar
Designation : UGC-Assistant Professor
Qualification : M. Sc. (IIT Roorkee), JRF-NET (CSIR), Ph. D. (JNU/IUAC New Delhi).
Postdoc: Laboratorio Nazionale TASC-INFM, Trieste, Italy; Lund University, Sweden
Area of Interest :Electrical and magnetic properties of nanostructures, Spin transport and Nanospintronics, Semiconductor nanowires, Modification of materials using energetic ions.
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Dr. Divya Srivastava
Designation : DST Inspire Fellow
Qualification : MSc. (University of Allahabad), JRF-NET (CSIR); Ph. D (JNU, New Delhi); Research Associate (JNCASR, Bangalore); Post Doctoral Fellow: Aalto University (Finland), Tel-Aviv University (Israel)
Research Area of Interest :Carbon nanotube, Graphene, Oxide surfaces, and Bulk materials. Using Density Functional Theory (DFT) for characterization
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Dr. Pradip Kumar
Designation : DST Inspire Faculty,
Qualification : PhD (JNU, New Delhi), Postdoc: KAIST, Daejeon and KIST, Seoul (South Korea)
Research Area of Interest :2D Nanomaterials, Graphene, Graphene Oxide, Liquid Crystals, Porous Carbon, and Composites for EMI Shielding, Thermal Management and Energy Storage Applications
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