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In recent times, the idea of the text has expanded from the merely literary to all forms of cultural production, and media has come to be the most powerful means of expressing culture. It has become necessary for the educated to acquire various kinds of media literacy in order to understand society and culture. Hence the conceptual and formal aspects of culture and media need to be studied in order to grasp local, national and global social complexities. The M. A. Programme in Culture and Media Studies is designed for enabling the student to understand how culture shapes an individual as also how the individual can shape culture. The programme aims to prepare students who will enter the world of media and culture with a critical perspective and analytical mind and with an introduction to various media technologies and forms of cultural expression. Students offering the M. A. in Culture and Media Studies are expected to find attractive placements in Cultural and Creative Industries.



To develop a clear grasp of the key concepts of culture studies, performance and media studies.

To help understand the cultural dynamics of society with the help of contemporary theory and will give them the analytical tools to study all types of media and cultural practices;

To provide an exposure to various forms of cultural expression, and a hands on experience of handling media tools and techniques so that they become equipped to work in media labs and studios.

To familiarize the student with the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan;

To build the analytical ability through case studies focused on heritage sites or traditions;

To introduce the basic features of document, disseminate, curate and conserve folk and indigenous cultures;

To introduce research techniques to enable them to carry out their research in Social Sciences;

To train students in conceptual and/or practical aspects of radio, television, theatre and performing arts, photography, films/documentaries from script writing to post-production.

This course would enable them to pursue further research or careers in tourism or event management, performance, videography, museology, advertising, PROs, production of films and documentaries independently or with companies.

Depending on their individual interests, the students will find openings in the government agencies or international bodies like UNESCO or NGOs related to culture, in publishing houses and electronic media, web design and also as film and theatre critics.



4 semesters (2 Academic Years)



Graduates with a first degree in Fine Arts, Arts, Social Sciences, Performing Arts or Communication Technology streams.

Students from any other streams with work experience of at least two years in print/electronic media or in any field of Performing Arts may also apply.

The Medium of Instruction will be English.



Through an All-India Entrance Examination



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